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Museum of Science and Technology (MST), Accra (1963)

The Museum of Science and Technology in Accra was established when two lecturers from the Legon Campus of the University of Ghana, identified a need  to create awareness of past and current developments in science and technology in Ghana, and presented a proposal for the development of the institution to Kwame Nkrumah, the then president of Ghana. A short time later, in 1965, the Museum of Science and Technology opened its doors.  The institution endeavors to inspire those who visit, particularly its more youthful guests, with a desire to discover more about the sciences and technological development in the world around them.

Exhibits include a human heart and a piece of stone from the moon. The museum incorporates a library, and provides educational activities for children.

Opening hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Entrance fees are as follows:

Visitor Category Entrance Fee*
Pupils from Primary to JHS 3 GH¢   0.20
SHS Students (Secondary / Technical) GH¢   0.50
Tertiary Students with ID GH¢   1.00
Ghanaian Adults GH¢   2.00
Foreign Children GH¢   2.00
Foreign Students with ID GH¢   5.00
Adult Foreigners GH¢ 10.00

Non Ghanaians can pay the Cedi equivalent of their respective foreign currencies.

*Entrance fees were reviewed in 1ST January 2015.

Contact details:

Street Address:      Liberia Road
Postal Address:      P.O. Box GP 3343, Accra
Telephone:            +233 302 223963

Note: The museum is located near the TUC Hall at the traffic lights on the intersection between the Barnes Road and Liberia Road.



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