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Rules and Regulations

GMMB’s rules and regulations are spelt out in National Liberation Council Decree (NLCD) 387 of 1969 (now known as Act 387 of 1969), and Executive Instruments (EI) 29 of 1973 and 42 of 1972.

Act 387 of 1969 addresses:

  • Control of Antiquities
  • Establishment and Functions of Board
  • Meetings, Proceedings and Remuneration
  • Members of the Board, Officers and Employees
  • Funds, Accounts and Audit
  • Regulations.

EI 29 of 1973 mainly addresses:

  • The export of antiquities
  • The sale of antiquities
  • National monuments.

EI 42 of 1972 addresses:

  • The list of National Monuments.
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