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The Ghana Museums and Monuments Board undertakes the following functions/activities:

  • Equipping and managing all material cultural (movable and immovable) heritage of the nation
  • Establishing, equipping and managing new museums
  • Controlling the export, import, sale and change of ownerships of material cultural property through licensing and issuance of permits
  • Establishing a National Register and keeping inventory of all material cultural (movable and immovable) heritage of Ghana
  • Identifying and recommending for declaration as national monuments, structures, objects and sites of historical and cultural significance
  • Undertaking research and publication of all matters relating to material cultural (movable and immovable) heritage. 


Sponsors & Partners
This website has been designed with co-funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the project
"Capacity Building and Activation of Pilot Initiatives for the Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage 8136/RC/GHA"